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We provide the following types of surveying and mapping services:

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey Plat
The “ALTA Survey” is a very valuable document. It is the highest level of survey usually prepared for commercial or very complex residential properties. It is the land surveyor’s job to prepare the ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey Plat for the owner’s; title company, attorney, engineer, architect, and/or banker to review. A good “ALTA” survey will give the owner’s professionals a clear “road map” to follow as they read through the Title Commitment and pick out all the encumbrances that are not covered by the title insurance. Developers/builders use it when planning improvements on a piece of property. Your surveyor will ask you to check off items in the Table “A” OPTIONAL SURVEY RESPONSIBILITIES AND SPECIFICATIONS during the contractual negotiations of the ALTA/ACSM survey. Go to to learn more about “ALTA Surveys”.

Improvement Survey Plat
This survey document will show all surface improvements located on the property, to include buildings, driveways, fences, etc. in relationship to the boundary lines. Some municipalities will ask for a “pinned” Improvement Survey Plat when the owner requests a building permit for a garage or an addition to the existing dwelling located on the lot. In this case, the property monuments shall be described and shown on the survey document as being found or set. Of course survey price considerations sometimes dictate the amount of detail shown on this type of survey. Be sure you are clear and understand the differences when asking a surveyor for an improvement survey plat. Many “survey” type documents prepared by others will state; “Not to be relied upon for future improvements”. Click HERE to learn more about Improvement Location Certificates vs. Improvement Survey Plats.

Boundary Survey Plat
A boundary survey is performed to re-establish the boundaries or limits of a property or easement identified by a deed of record. A good boundary survey plat will show the relationship between the “deed lines” to the lines of occupation such as; fence lines, building lines, wall lines, and/or crop lines. Any encroachments, overlaps or gaps affecting the subject property should also be shown on the Boundary Survey Plat document.
The Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado (PLSC) have published the following pamphlet regarding surveys:

Topographic Survey
Commonly referred to as a “topo”, a topographic survey is usually performed when elevations and the lay of the land are required to be known for various reasons. Engineers preparing a “drainage” or “grading study” of the property will require a topographic survey. Architects will require a topographic survey when preparing a “site plan” for a proposed building on a lot. When ordering a topographic survey, be sure and tell the surveyor what you intend to use the map for, he will make his recommendations accordingly.
Go to to learn more about topographic mapping.

Condominium Map
To understand what a condominium map is, it might help to know the difference between a “Townhome” and a “Condominium” or commonly called a “condo”. In general, the main difference between the two is the fact that the Townhome owner purchases the land as well as the home sitting on it in a “fee simple” condition, whereas in the case of a condominium, the owner only owns the “air-space” of the unit, not the land under it. The condo map, once recorded with the appropriate county clerk and recorder’s office, creates a unique legal description of each unit’s air-space. Laws vary from state to state and if you are converting an apartment building into a Condo, a real estate attorney can walk you through the various requirements.

Mining Claim Retracement
Mineral Surveys or Patented Mining Claims are common in the mountains of Colorado. Most were originally surveyed in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. Often times the mining claim is surrounded by public lands, usually maintained by the U.S. Forest Service. Many of these properties are located at high elevations in rugged terrain, often covered in trees. With these surveys, it is important to find and preserve the original corner monuments. If you are the owner of one of these properties, you will want to be sure and preserve the corners/bearing trees and discourage hikers from disturbing or taking these original “historical” monuments home as souvenirs. Posting signs near your property corners is a good idea. Click HERE to learn more about Mining Claim Retracement Surveys.

Legal Description and Exhibit
When an owner wishes to grant/deed an easement across his property for a utility, driveway access, etc. to another party, a method of defining the location of the easement is necessary. It is a good idea to have a property description and exhibit or illustration drawn up by a land surveyor in order to clearly see where the encumbrance is located on the property and to avoid ambiguities in the future. A wordy legal (or “metes & bounds”) description by itself may be sufficient for an attorney or land surveyor, but the illustration or accompanying exhibit gives everyone a “picture” of the described parcel. The deed document along with the Legal Description and Exhibit must be filed with the county clerk and recorder’s office in order to become public record and track with the chain of title of the property. To learn more about “Metes and Bounds” property descriptions go to:

Fence Survey Plat
Often Home Owners Associations want to know who is responsible for maintaining the fences around their communities. A Fence Survey Plat will clearly show which property the fence is located on. Because old fences most always meander, a good survey showing the fence in detail will help in the negotiating with your neighbor for fence replacement and/or maintenance.

Golf Course Green Contours
Glorso Mapping Services, LLC () has had the opportunity to work with numerous Golf Course Architects over the years. With our GPS, and computer equipment, supplemented with conventional surveying means, and our wit, we have developed a dependable system for gathering a three dimensional (3-D) form of the green surface. Professional caddies and golfers love this product, as it gives them a document to study the contour of the green surface prior to reading putts on tournament day. Greens keepers and Golf Course Superintendants use these documents for creating a pin placement schedule and preserving the intended design of the Golf Course Architect. The Golf Course Green Contour map is supplemented with the Golf Green Slope Analysis document for ease in reading the per cent of gradient across the green surface.
For golf reference go to:

Road Trip Remembrance Map
If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast and you want to document your road trip, contact us and we can put together a map with your digital photos as shown in this example.